26 August 2007

Pigs in a Blanket

Yeah, I know. Everyone makes these. But one thing I've noticed, is that everyone makes them differently. My mother always bought crescent rolls and rolled them around the middle of the hotdog. My first roommate laid biscuit dough over chopped-up hotdogs in a 9X13 pan. I've developed my own system, which makes a lovely crusty roll with a cheesy hotdog inside. I'm sure we all know the basic ingredients, but I thought I'd give a step-by-step instruction of my most amazing piggie method (um, that's totally tongue in cheek my darlings). If you're interested, keep reading. Here's our basic ingredients:

American cheese slices
Canned biscuits

Preheat that oven to the temperature instructed on the can of biscuits! First off, I lay out my ingredients on a cutting board. I take a biscuit first. Smoosh it down so it's nice and flat and big enough to take on a full slice of cheese. I then add the cheese, and lay the hotdog on top.
Next I roll it up, so the dough covers the hotdog:

Then I seal up the seam, and the two sides. I roll it in my hands a few times to seal well.

I lay them all out on the sheet pan. I usually make half cheese and half non-cheese, and mark the non-cheese with hatch marks.

After baking for a nice 15-18 minutes, the piggies emerge nice and golden brown. I serve them with the usual condiments: mustard, ketchup, and relish. Yum!

And there you go. All enclosed and non-messy and totally dippable.


Isabel said...

I MUST MAKE THESE. They look awesome.

Kate said...

Ok, I'm going to make these, too. How retro!

Unknown said...

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