22 August 2007

Classic Pizza by Pillsbury

I decided to start my own personal Pillsbury challenge with the pizza crust. I've never bought the stuff before, (1) because I'm worried that it would taste like garbage, I mean seriously it's in a can; and (2) I didn't want to pay $3+ for garbage. But considering the sale price, I thought it was the perfect time to experiment with it. Given the nice meats/veggies in the fridge, I couldn't resist making a lovely pizza for dinner.

Now, since I was cheating with the crust, I thought I'd go all out with toppings. First I fried some bacon, and drained and crumbled it. Then I sliced a small onion and pan-fried it in the bacon grease until nice and caramelized. I pulled out the onions and then added sliced portabello mushrooms to the grease, and sautéed them until soft. Lastly, I sautéed garlic in the bit of bacon grease left until nice and golden.

I smooshed the canned crust into a jelly roll pan and baked the crust for 6 minutes as recommended, then pulled it out and added toppings. I used leftover marinara for pizza sauce, then topped with the bacon, onions, mushrooms, and garlic as well as pepperoni slices and lots of shredded mozzarella. I popped it back in the oven for about 14 more minutes, until the toppings were heated through and the cheese was gooey and browning on top.

The pizza ended up really great. The flavor of the onions and garlic really came through due to the sauté beforehand, the mushrooms were soft and flavorful, and the meat was delicious of course. The crust was actually really good too - crispy but not overly cooked, and actually tasted like DiGiorno crust. All in all, I was rather impressed and it made for an easy meal to whip up on a weeknight. If you ever want to make pizza on your own, I highly recommend the Pillsbury canned pizza crust.

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