18 June 2009

Have I told you the one about the redbud tree?

ED NOTE: If you are crazy bored and don't mind weeding through baby updates to see recipes, you are more than welcome to continue to follow us on our family blog: Scott-Nems-Doots. XOXO!

(oh and PS: image courtesy of the ever-fabulous Solar Photographers :P )

Not too long ago, I noticed that we have a half-dead redbud tree on our property. And by that, I mean - I was made aware by my dear Hubs that we actually have a redbud tree on our property. And it’s half dead. How is it that I’ve lived at this house for a year now, and I’ve never noticed that big ole, half-dead, half-pink-flowered tree in our backyard?


I think this is an appropriate time to give you an update on my life as a blogger.

As I’ve mentioned before, blogging was something I picked up on a whim in 2007, to keep myself busy. We were just married and throwing every spare penny into savings for our home and other things. That means not a ton of disposable income, and therefore I was spending A LOT of time in our wee-tiny apartment kitchen, keeping my hands busy by making all our treats and dinners at home. I always surfed through food blogs looking for something new to make, and thought they were so darling and cute. Hey, why not give it a shot? Blogging was cheap (hell, it was free!), it was a good outlet for any writing I wanted to do, and it was a way to feel productive while spinning my wheels and waiting for our “Real Life” to start.

Once I got immersed in the blogging community, I found it very addictive. This whole food blogging thing, it has a life of its own and you meet so many people and can do so many things! Suddenly I wanted to push myself to attempt more complicated recipes, to tackle new baking methods, to join a slew of baking groups and blogging events and a few contests.

When not working, I was always thinking about recipes to try. When home, I was baking and cleaning up and baking and cleaning up and baking and cleaning up…. Our grocery bills went up, as I was buying "butter, chocolate, sugar, flour" practically every trip to the grocery store. And then you add in the photographing/layout/composing time… My goodness I spent a lot of time with my butt at the computer, clicking and typing away.

And I loved every second of it.

It did take over my life a bit, though. Hubs took it like a champ and joined in the fun - he’d help me pick final recipes, would visit me in the kitchen and poke around while I baked away, and would hang out by the computer in the evenings to (*ahem* bug me) keep me company. I’d get so upset with myself if a recipe didn’t turn out exactly as I’d hoped, or if I didn’t feel quite right about what I had written. I felt a certain need to keep people happy by blogging every other day. It was a lot of pressure that I totally put on myself; I didn’t want to be one of those people who “flaked out” and quit my blog. No way, I’m not one of them. Besides, I love what I’m doing.

So I kept baking and writing through the big life milestones that came into my life. I made 6 new recipes in the evenings while we were going through that tangle of house hunting, signing all that paperwork, and finally owning a home of our own. I made the Daring Bakers Opera cake in between marathon painting sessions at our new home. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning for 4 nights straight so I would have a back-log of posts while people visited. Then we were trying for a family, and I pushed myself to keep baking and blogging through the fun times of pregnancy exhaustion and morning sickness and food aversions…

And then suddenly I'm 9 months pregnant, standing on our back deck that I never seem to find time to enjoy, having the Hubs laugh and point out to me that half-dead redbud tree that's been in our (not-very-large) backyard this entire time.

For me, that was what finally made me stop and think. I love blogging and baking, this is true, but how much was me doing it just to not "look like a flake"? In reality, I was ignoring that whole “Real Life” thing that I was waiting for this whole time. Yeah. That isn’t right.

Ambrosia Macaroons

So I guess what I’m saying is: it’s time to retire this blog. Now, I don’t plan on taking it down at any point, so if you plan on making any past recipes you don’t need to worry about copying/pasting/what-have-you. They’ll be up until Blogger no longer exists. I am going to stop adding to this blog, though, or at least - will not be adding to it for a good long time. It’s time for me to concentrate on my family and my house and friends and all that other fun messy stuff called My Life.

I do have a personal blog, and it will probably have recipes from time to time (there is no way a food blogger can go cold turkey). If you are interested in following me on there and don’t mind all the non-foodie posts found in between recipes, leave your e-mail in the comments and I’ll send you a link.

And I leave you with this: thanks for everything, my darling readers - you really do mean a lot to me. I’ll miss ya, lots. And now I’m off to figure out what to do with a half-dead redbud tree.


Total baby deliciousness, best thing I ever baked. Photography by Josh Solar Photo.


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cjeanette said...

I want the link!


Anonymous said...

::sobs:: and lights a candle.

Stephanie said...


Onward and upward! Cheers to new adventures!

Erica said...

How sad...your blog has been a highlight in my Google reader. I always get the best recipes from it! Please make sure I have the link to the new one, as I can't get enough of the baby robot goodness :)

Meryl said...

Beautiful, beautiful! And send me the link pretty please!


Cate said...

I will miss all your updates, but I completely understand. I'd love to read your other blog!

Andrea said...

I will certainly miss all the pictures that make me so hungry while I read my blog roll at work...andrea.mervick@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Please send me the link!


Amy said...

I'm sad :( Please send me the link. The photo of you and your baby is beautiful!!

Amy said...

oops - forgot to leave my email for the link. amy.schlotthauer@gmail.com

Sarah said...

Oh, this makes me sad, my friend.

But your little bundle really is amazing and I understand wanting to focus on him and your life more.

Nikki said...

I loved the blog, and sad to see it go, for now. I just want to say thank you for keeping me entertained so far away from you.

I still declare you wife of the year!

As I raise by yogurt smoothy, "Cheers." God Bless you and your family!


Natalie said...

not typically a commenter, but love your blog! please send me the link to the personal one :)


Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

I really enjoyed your blog and beautiful recipes and photos. Congratulations on your baby and decision to put your life first for a while.

And since I featured your blog link on mine for so long, I'd love the link.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Looks like the "bun" is out of the oven & is perfect! I'll miss your blogs, but thank you for the recipes. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nemmie. I have enjoyed your blog for a long time. This is wonderful news. I can tell all the joy in the world is yours. God bless you.

Royce Reflections said...

Thanks for the wonderful recipes. We've tried a few and loved them all. Being a Mom is the best there is!!

Royce Reflections said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The perfect choice...there is only one life to give that beautiful baby...don't hold back!!! mjstabletalk.com

MJ said...

I would also like the link!

Nemmie said...

I couldn't even bear to come back here until today... For those of you that would just rather have the link, as you requested, I've decided just to post it. All of you who left your emails: thank you! Email is out...

Here's the new link:

Rachel said...

This is the second blog goodbye I've read today. Completely understandable though. If you don't mind sending me the link?


Unknown said...

Oh no! I will truly miss this blog! Anyway, I wish you luck with every aspect of your future! I would love the link of your personal blog, sine I'm soo used to reading posts by you.

Katrina said...

I have really enjoyed stopping by your blog and would love to see your personal blog, especially if there will be pictures of that baby! ;)
Best of everything to you!
kev n koi at hotmail dot com

Robin said...

I just found your blog a few months ago. Sad to hear you're stopping, but it is totally understandable. It IS an addiction following so many food blogs. I have given up on so many myself due to just being tired of being in front of the computer non stop. Plus like you said it does not help the food budget when you're constantly wanting to try new recipes.

Deadly Vanilla Sunshine said...

I'm sad to see you leaving the world of the food blogs but I'm glad to hear that your life is turning out so wonderfully. I wish you the best of luck with motherhood, marriage and the whole crazy thing. Thanks so much for providing the inspiration and proportions for recipes that have become beloved favorites among my family and friends.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Oh, my gosh, that photo is just precious! Thanks so much for sharing your little bundle of joy with us.

Karly said...

I would love the link please!


Kimberly said...

As soon as I find this awesome blog, it's over. :( Beautiful baby... congrats! I'd love the link to your other blog.

Jessica said...

Nemmie, one day you will tell this heart warming story to your children... it brought tears to my eyes! I know that if you can give all that love and energy you put in your blog to your children you will make the best mom ever! I thoroughly enjoyed the recipes and photography in your blog. You are very passionate about what you do. Thanks for sharing such a great lesson with us all.... sometimes we all need to stop and smell the "redbuds"
Best of luck and congratulations... now go enjoy your life.... and that beautiful baby!!

n3m3sis42 said...

Please email me the link to your personal blog? I would love to follow you there.


Miss Theresa said...

I love your blog and will miss it tremendously, however, life does take priority! I would love to have your link so I may still follow. theresadoss@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

That was a beautifully written post. I've really enjoyed your blog and will continue to enjoy your recipes!

Have fun with the little one!

Siobhán said...

Oh no, I just found you and you've already left... I LOVE the baby photo, congrats on making that cutie! :)

Anonymous said...

I will miss this site! Please send me the link: kmgoolsby@myway.com. Congratulations on your sweet little blessing!

White Toast with Butter said...

I've been so crazed I kept coming back to the site - and never read the last couple paragraphs. I would like the link as well. icywit@gmail.com - thank you.

Talita said...

A savory cheesecake? Sounds delish!

Peabody said...

Oh wow. I respect your decision though and totally understand. I almost folded up as well.

melancholy donut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa&Jeremy said...

How funny that as I was looking for the perfect chocolate tartlet I came upon your blog....by the way they were great, and there you are in "larryville" and I in KC. So funny and such a small world. Thank you for all your thoughts. Would love the link to see what recipes you post from time to time... combsjm@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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Chasity said...

I just recently found your blog from bakingbites.com and am loving trying all of your recipes. Good luck to you and your family and please send me your new link.


Chasity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Isabella said...

I want the link! I hope it's not to late! nathompton@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Loved your blog. Would like the link to your new one.

Valen said...

Wow everything looks beautiful! And congratulations on your baby. Hope everything is going well!

Paula said...

that blackberry sauce is awesome, dear!

Anonymous said...

I think you've described the food blogging obsession very well!

PS congrats on being one of the top 40 best mom food bloggers!

Keri said...


Miss Theresa said...

Link me please

Tamara Dawn said...

Oh my gosh I don't even know you and you have me in tears. Congrats on your beautiful baby. I hope by now your rosebud tree is all healed up.

I came by because I was looking for photos for pumpkin spice cookies. I make these often and wanted to post the recipe but didn't have a photo. I NEVER use other people's photos but I am desperate since the links are up today lol

I would love to see where life has taken you now and if you still peek through your comments (Who doesn't love these asian porn spammers, eh?) Then I hope you can share the link with me =)

Either way best wishes!

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quilterpolly said...

I found your blog and love this and was very sad to see that you weren't doing it anymore. Can you give my your link to your other blog. I would love to keep following you...

cocoa and coconut said...

I love this post, particularly the way you end it. What a gorgeous little baby cake you baked ;)

And yes, blogging is pretty addictive after a while. I love the connectivity it brings. Which brings me to thank you for commenting on my blog...beacuse now I've found yours!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo what i can say beyond that it amazing to watch mother and child posing in the photograph very touching

sophia smith said...

How cute!!!..I really wish to see video..and that baby is also so cute

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Unknown said...

This looks delicious.

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Vicky Liang said...

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Erica {My Two Roads} said...

Wow! Your blog is awesome! I needed a warm brussels sprout salad recipe because I was unsure about cooking times and I BAM I found your blog! It is so great! Thanks for sharing!!

Roberthussy said...

As I’ ve mentioned before , blogging was something I picked up on a whim in 2007 , to keep myself busy. We were just married and throwing every spare penny into savings for our home and other things. That means not a ton of disposable income, and therefore I was spending A LOT of time in our wee-tiny apartment kitchen, keeping my hands busy by making all our treats and dinners at home. I always surfed through food blogs looking for something new to make, and thought they were so darling and cute. Hey, why not give it a shot? Blogging was cheap (hell, it was free!), it was a good outlet for any writing I wanted to do, and it was a way to feel productive while spinning my wheels and waiting for our “Real Life” to start.


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